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Check out our featured Broker Vs Bank Video to the left. It will offer you some great advice on why choosing a broker over a bank is the best financial decision you can make on the biggest purchase of your life. Still not convinced? Then have a look at our other videos and visit our Why a Broker page for even more reasons.

This is a common question many house-hunters and home-owners find themselves asking before they begin searching out a mortgage that is right for them. Many people don't know what the actual differences are between using a mortgage broker as opposed to going directly to their bank for assistance, so they often do whatever their friends and families do. There is nothing wrong with this, however I am a strong believer that people should know what the differences are so that they can make decisions on their own. This website has been designed to help you understand the advantages to using a Mortgage Broker. For example, did you know that it normally doesn't cost you a dime to use the services of a mortgage broker? Now you do! The commercials we have created put a fun spin on these advantages and are not a direct attack at any specific bank. In fact, some of the big chartered banks are preferred partners of ours and we use them quite often. Stats show that only about 30% of all mortgages in Canada were arranged by a Broker. It is my goal to increase that number substantially! So browse our site, watch our videos, and tell all your friends why using a Mortage Broker gives YOU the options and control when arranging your mortgage!

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